Ten tips for Twitter talk.

In no particular order.  You may not agree with all of these.

  1. Don’t be an ass. Unless you are good at it.  Some of us are.
  2. Don’t assume that you’ll always want to be an ass.
  3. If you ignore #1 & #2, put on your big-person pants when you get smacked around as a result.
  4. Use proper grammar.
  5. Use proper spelling.
  6. If you have difficulty doing either #4 & #5 while staying below 140 characters, get better at efficient and coherent communication.
  7. Twitter is unique in that it is remarkably hard to jam. Take advantage of that.
  8. All successful trolling on Twitter is done with the permission of the person being trolled.
  9. I no more need to see the hate tweets being sent to you than I need to see your food as you are chewing it.
  10. Yes, someone is wrong on the Internet. Or vile. Or both.  Report, block, and tell me something that I don’t know, but would like to.

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