The inevitable “New Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer” post.

As usual, fan speculation was a good deal more outre than what we’re actually going to get.

Although that may be just me still feeling some lingering bitterness that Cloverfield didn’t feature Cthulhu.

4 thoughts on “The inevitable “New Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer” post.”

  1. I don’t know, seeing fan speculation was this was just a Wrath of Khan remake (though we had no reason to hate Khan yet in this universe), I’m pretty much ok with this, assuming it’s meant as a reinterpretation of the Eugenic Wars (which is, anachronistically still officially to have happened in the 90s and we didn’t know it. No. Really.)

  2. Huh. They destroyed London in the new GI Joe trailer, too…looks like the Mother of Parliaments isn’t going to be a safe place to live…

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