A point that cannot be made enough about Obamacare.

The actual implementation of that policy – as was said many, many, many times in the past – is going to most resemble of series of intersections of sports cars and brick walls at high speed.  Back in 2009, Barack Obama and the Democratic party made a conscious decision to put off the worst aspects of said implementation in the distant future: i.e., 2014.  To be fair, five years looked like an eternity to Barack Obama’s staff: why, it was after the 2012 election.  Alas, one year is much less of an eternity… although when the actual car wrecks start, it may start to feel like an eternity again, to those Democrats going through them.

And when the car wrecks do start, me and Mary Katherine Ham are going to be right there to watch, complete with lawn chairs and coolers full of beer.  I’m bringing the cole slaw. And the “I told you so.”

7 thoughts on “A point that cannot be made enough about Obamacare.”

  1. Alas, some of us believe that the coming disaster was exactly the point. Obamacare will either wreck the insurance industry or the nation as a whole. Either way, Our President will have rubbed our country’s collective nose in the dirt.

  2. I predict a very real trend in noncompliance with the IRS, especially by younger workers, and an increase in the grey market. Once they get in the habit of non-reporting and non-payment of Obamacare taxes, the entire tax code will become subject to tax payer nullification.

    1. Oh, that’s an easy prediction, Freddie.
      The young are, thanks in part to the draconian stupidity of the educational establishment, quite used to not complying.
      The harder question is how long it’ll take the current crop of .. well, I call them “generation boned” – born after the boomers but before the young folks .. to catch on.
      After all, most tax revenue is generally remitted by people in their 40s and 50s, not 20s and 30s.

      1. Hey, cat, I am good at the easy. It is true that in the past wealth accumulation was a function of age but the trends do not favor the next generation when they reach their 40s and 50s. Job growth, such as it is, is concentrated in older workers as they hold on to their positions. I read somewhere that the number of jobs held by younger workers is the same as the number they held in the late 1990s despite population growth. The goal of making higher education “affordable” has saddled them with vast amounts of unforgivable debt. And now Obamacare is transferring more of the cost of health care to them while further limiting their employment opportunities.

        I do not see them voluntarily accepting this.

        1. Agree, Freddie. The current 40s and 50s are too big to just drop off the radar, but aren’t going to be able to move up …
          Tremendous social pressures on multiple points .. I don’t see this ending well.

        2. Speaking of the problem of student loans ( which are even collectible from one’s Social Security benefits ) : not only are they one of the fast growing areas of consumer debt but 1 in 9 are more than 90 days past due.


          When Obama preaches about making health care or education affordable what he is really saying is “I am from the government and I will ruin the rest of your life.”

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