Note to press: Barack Obama is HIDING from you.

Specifically: when Barack Obama closes the signing ceremony for the designation of five new federal monuments (which, as House Natural Resources committee chairman Doc Hastings apparently put it, is a case of “the government spending money it doesn’t have on properties it doesn’t own”), it’s because he’s scared.  He thinks that somebody will ask awkward questions.  He doesn’t know how to handle a press that doesn’t worship him.

If the press ever wonders why it’s despised so, this is why.  Three weeks’ worth of a 24/7 full court press by the journalist corps and the Obama administration would abruptly stop their strategy to give the news media the mushroom treatment.  I know this, Obama knows this, the media knows this… but apparently journalism is a remarkably masochistic field to work in, these days.  So this will just fade into the background, too – and, what the hell: it’s not like I’m the one who’ll be looking in the mirror every morning between now and 01/20/2017 and asking myself what went wrong with my life…

Via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.