Family members of elected officials should not go to expensive private resorts…

while the rest of us are trying to make ends meet. I have nothing against Obama’s kids doing that sort of thing when the economy’s good; but the economy ain’t good, and it’s largely the fault of Barack Obama. I don’t expect coupon clipping, but there’s a Presidential retreat for a reason.

Honestly, I know that the man’s not really capable of noticing this kind of social nicety: but surely his wife realized how bad that was going to look?

7 thoughts on “Family members of elected officials should not go to expensive private resorts…”

  1. Michelle doesn’t seem to care what others think.
    Now shut up and eat your broccoli!

    1. Thats the truth, usually the spouse makes the effort to show sympathy, she shows contempt and entitlement.

  2. It is way too easy to equate the cancellation of White House tours to pay for the kids spring break vacation. The optics are hugely bad.

    They are ether too stupid to figure this out or they don’t care what the public thinks. I think it is a high probability it is the latter rather that the former.

  3. I highly doubt the low information crowd will pay any attention to this even if it is mentioned in their circles. Sad, but likely.

  4. Wait, Michelle should know how this looks? Michelle’s the one that took that vacation to Spain, if I’m not mistaken. Cost almost a half a million dollars to bring all her girlfriends along with her.

    She cares about as much as how things look as our dear Sun King.

    Not at all.

    1. These people need to start thinking about what the hell they expect to be doing with their lives AFTER Obama leaves office. Because the next President ain’t going to let him just hang around, and neither will the next Democratic President, either.

  5. Moe:

    You keep forgetting the fact that these people do not have a shame gene. They have no shame because they cannot understand why they are not entitled to what they do at the expense of everyone else. Of course everyone else should pay for them to do what they do, isn’t this what he ran on? No one is entitled to their money unless it’s spent on them, our betters who know so much more than we helpless sheep!

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