Janet Napolitano doesn’t use email? …Riiiiiiiiiigght.

Via @rickwilson comes this eyebrow raiser:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano doesn’t believe in using email.

“I think email just sucks up time,” Napolitano told an incredulous group of reporters on Tuesday, speaking at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor.

Napolitano, who said she doesn’t text or “Twitter” either, said she may use email “at some point,” but right now, it’s not in the cards.

I love the ‘incredulous’ bit – because no, I don’t believe that, either. I’m pretty sure, in fact, that Janet Napolitano is using email, only she’s Richard Windsoring it.  I wonder what her name looks like when you anagram it…

oh, dear.  Let’s just pretend that I didn’t put up that link, shall we?

Moe Lane

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