Anti-science religious fanatics attack President Obama, suggest conspiracy.

They’re especially mad because they worked so hard to elect Barack Obama last year, and this is what they ge… what’s that?  Oh, you thought that I was talking about Republicans?  Oh, don’t be silly: we’ve long since worked out that Barack Obama lies when it suits him.  Which is to say, pretty much all the time.  Anyway, heeeeeeeeeere’s the Luddites:

Nearly a dozen protesters gathered today in front of the White House to protest what they say is President Barack Obama’s lax stance on genetically modified food, which they believe poses serious health risks to consumers.

Video at the link.  Anyway, I forget: is this the patriotic kind of dissent, or the unpatriotic kind?  It’s so hard to keep track these days.


Moe Lane


  • Catseyes says:

    No this is actually to stupid on multiple levels, suffice to say that human’s have been eating whatever they could scrounge or kill for a few hundred thousand years and now because something is slightly different a bunch of overfed undereducated primates think we should fear it and they want everyone else to humor their idiocies. Sorry we’re busy.

  • Catseyes says:

    Oh and the answer to their question is yes, and especially in the case of corn considering cross pollination there are probably no genetically unmodified corn plants or corn products left in the U.S., Have a nice day!

  • Moe_Lane says:

    A really good rule of thumb, kids: you only get one opportunity to petition to post here. Don’t waste it by asking a snotty question.

  • Brian Swisher says:


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