I doubt that I’m going to do an April Fool’s joke this year.

I often don’t; I’m honestly not that good at them. Like most forms of comedy, it’s a lot harder to do than it looks. I can’t be good at everything.

But if you see good ones, link to ’em in comments by all means.

8 thoughts on “I doubt that I’m going to do an April Fool’s joke this year.”

    1. The “L” shaped ambush should be shifted to the WSW. Then have the right wing of the Army attack dressed on the Ringold Road.

    2. “As the Union Army once discovered, assaulting up Missionary Ridge is no fun at all, no matter who happens to be defending.”

      Yeah, I hear that tripping over all those weapons dropped by Bragg’s men was a serious risk.

      1. Bragg’s problem was Bragg himself and intrigue by disloyal Generals. His problem was certainly not his troops.

        1. Ah, well, it’s not like Union troops never had to skedaddle out of a situation that their generals had gotten them into, either.

          1. heh, true that. And the South gave them Thomas, while we only got Pemberton, what’s up with that?

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