Of COURSE Kentucky Democrats stabbed Ashley Judd in the back.

They’re not SUICIDAL.

As [Ashley Judd] contemplated whether to move back to Kentucky and challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell [Johnathan Miller] was alternating with Congressman John Yarmuth as witness for the defense against a steady stream of salacious recriminations.

The prosecution was assisted in nearly every article by the same handful of Democratic professionals railing against the prospects of a Judd candidacy, promoting instead the potential Senate candidacy of Kentucky’s young Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Via Hot Air.  Yup, it was a total stab-in-the-back; actual Kentuckian politicians were quietly terrified of what Ashley Judd’s crash would have done to their own re-election chances.  Alison Grimes doesn’t really have much of a chance, herself – Mitch McConnell is just as prepared to go after her hammer and tongs as he was Judd, and Grimes will almost certainly be under money constraints – but she could lose and not hurt the rest of the Democrats in Kentucky.  When Judd cratered, she would have cratered.

But Ashley Judd supporters can take heart: they can go and work for their heroine’s betrayer!  Now, no frowns about that from them; they mustn’t get upset.  Getting upset is something that only real people get to do.

Moe Lane

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  • acat says:

    Still kinda bummed out about this one. I was looking forward to massive splash-back*.
    * SNL reference

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