GreenTech Automotive: demonstrating Terry McAuliffe’s LACK of business acumen?


In October 2010, Terry McAuliffe touted his business credentials as a predictor that his latest venture, GreenTech Automotive, would be a success.  “We’re in to make money, no question about it. In all the businesses— I’m happy to say I’ve started 25— they’ve all made money.”

Counter-point (when asked why GreenTech Automotive wasn’t making any money):

“…Listen, I have been involved in business my whole life and have made a lot of decisions in business and have started a lot of businesses. I’ve invested. Some businesses work, some don’t…”

…actually, the real question here is whether GreenTech Automotive even really exists in any meaningful sense:

GreenTech, which in 2010 announced plans to build an assembly plant in Tunica County, Miss., has not specified how many vehicles it has actually built or sold. The firm has issued just one press release this year, announcing a European distributor to handle a projected volume of 12,000 cars.

A Watchdog reporter on Tuesday went to the Tysons Boulevard [McLean, Virginia] address listed by GreenTech and Rodham’s two regional centers as their headquarters. The doors were locked, the nameplate was stripped off, and the office was dark and empty. (Virginia Bureau) eventually tracked down the new office – or converted broom closet; depends on your point of view, I guess – which was perhaps not as forthcoming on its business, operations, and/or compliance with Virginian business license regulations as one might expect from what was in 2010 presented as being a glittering gem in Terry McAuliffe’s Diadem Of Relevant Business Experience.  Hardly surprising: in the intervening three years GreenTech has apparently quietly morphed into Terry McAuliffe’s Horn of Putting Fellow Clinton Cronies On Staff.  Amazing what you can do when you can count on the word ‘green’ to cover all of your sins, huh?

Seriously, McAullife’s GreenTech was touting in 2011 that they had a working production line for their version of the electric MyCar.  It is apparently a very slow production line, as a diligent morning and afternoon’s searching seems to have established that if they’re making cars in Mississippi they’re apparently stealth cars. Aside from a few prototypes, yeah, there seems to be a bit of a holdup there…

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  1. Perhaps his previous experience was similar to Hillary’s in picking cattle contracts?

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