“Closing Time.”

Closing Time, Semisonic

Heh.  Try finding residential space that big these days on a twenty-five year old’s salary.  Or salaries.  You’d need to start a kibbutz.

Moe Lane

PS: Of course, everybody’s got cell phones now.  So there’s that.

2 thoughts on ““Closing Time.””

  1. Did you see Cracked was at it today claimingthe ACORN videos were frauds? They had a list of 5 news stories that were partially true and painted ACORN as the innocent victim of the VRWC. Liberal groups and causes remind me of horror movie monsters, no matter how they are killed and or discredited they always get a sequel

  2. Some of us are very keenly aware of, say, their parents being financially and occupationally able to move into a house when said parents were 28 but being unable to do the same at the same age.

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