Charming: union shill using race-based attacks on Michelle Rhee.

I was born a Democrat; grew up in a labor union household; and generally raised in an atmosphere with, ah, colorful language. And if I had ever used this kind of language my father the union organizer would have backhanded me for it:

Standing in front of the Education Department’s headquarters in downtown Washington, Miami-Dade County teacher Ceresta Smith referred to former District of Columbia Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee—founder and CEO of the advocacy group StudentsFirst—as an “Asian b[*]tch.”

He’d have been right to, too.  Democrat or no, that sh*t just ain’t right.  But I’m willing to bet that the Democrats will tolerate it being said about Ms. Rhee…


Heck of a thing when the advocacy of ‘cracking skulls’ is almost… tame, in comparison.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Charming: union shill using race-based attacks on Michelle Rhee.”

  1. And yet somehow 85% of minorities think the Dems are their party, even Asian-Americans – everybody but the Vietnamese for some reason.

    1. Probably having to escape the end result of the Dem’s programs may have something to do with it.

  2. I admit that I was skeptical of Michelle at first. Then I saw how angry she was making the unions and realize she’s a good person. This article reinforces it.

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