New pressure group wants Obamacare price support, unicorns.

Completely missing from this article?

Plans to bend the health care cost curve are pretty plentiful in the nation’s capital. Lots of think tanks and coalitions have plans to cut billions (even trillions) in health care spending.

The Partnership for Sustainable Health Care argues it’s something different. The new alliance, which includes health plans, a hospital and consumer advocates, isn’t looking to bring fresh ideas to the debate. It recognizes this city has no shortage of think tank proposals.

Instead, the Partnership wants to start putting political muscle behind the ideas that already exist — and, after it does that pass legislation that would control health care costs in a way the Affordable Care Act doesn’t.

That’s right: any indication of how they expect to get Republicans to sign off on giving more funding* to Obamacare.  Spoiler warning: the Republicans won’t.


Moe Lane

PS: While we’re on the subject: I think that the time has come for some serious concessions be made to the GOP, in exchange for the doc fix being renewed.

*Whenever you see the word ‘incentivize’ in a sentence used in relation to government policy, you can safely translate it as ‘subsidize.’

14 thoughts on “New pressure group wants Obamacare price support, unicorns.”

  1. Really? No indication as to how they expect to get Repubican support? They expect to get Republican support the same way they always do. Call them names and say nasty things about them until enough of them cave. Works. Every. Time.

    1. Actually: no, it does not. Particularly when it comes to Obamacare: the House GOP has been displaying the Hawaiian good-luck symbol to the Democrats on that since January of 2011. 🙂

      1. Your faith in the long term fortitude and strategic ability of the House GOP is… heartening.

        1. Boehner remains in control, but the Tea Party remains out for blood….
          It’s an interesting dynamic.

          1. Give Boehner is due though in the sequester fight, he told Scott Pelley that he’d compromised all he was going to and to quote “the Senate needs to get off their ass”. When Pelley tried to shame him, Boehner told him, he wasn’t in the least bit sorry. When the Senate and the President didn’t get off their blessed assurances, Boehner shot the hostage. We all have to remember the guy is an adult, hamstrung with a bunch of escapees from romper room in the Senate and White House.

          2. and to further give him his due – 98% of the Bush tax cuts are permanent when Obama could have keep his promise by doing nothing and letting them expire.

          3. Yes, yes, Boehner isn’t Nancy Pelosi.
            Boehner’s also not Moe Lane… He should have watched “Speed” years ago, why’d he take so damned long to get the lesson?

          4. “It’s easy for me to be a agitator, though. I don’t have skin in the game, and I’m not in charge of anything.
            All of our skins are 100% in the “game”. The “game” is to determine if we will retain some few shreds of freedom or be reduced to abject slavery. Looks to me like it’s going to be slavery for anybody that doesn’t wind up shot dead for resisting “progress”. Melissa Harris-Perry stated their position openly: your children are the property of the collective. The left has every intention of raising children to be slaves.

            1. I was specifically referring to the art of getting a House majority on particular legislation. I’m not involved in herding that particular set of cats. 🙂

          5. Fair enough. What can I tell you: “progressives” fill me with revulsion and loathing, and everything I learn about their agenda only increases my capacity for those.

  2. The only way to limit health care costs is to limit eliminate the market for health care, either by denial of services to or euthanasia of the critically ill and injured and the aged. you can have free universal healthcare when everybody in the universe is dead……

    1. A quibble, qixlqatl.
      If I am the last living being in the universe, then I may be getting “free” health care from the government that I am – by default – in charge of, but … as the only taxpayer, not to mention the only potential doctor, nurse, pharmacy tech, etc. I’m pretty much paying for everything myself, no?
      I’d like to suggest we simplify things and have everyone provide their own individual care…

      1. Everybody being dead would include you. The only free healthcare is no healthcare at all. We’re on the same page.

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