QotD, The Transcendant Cynicism Here Awes Me edition.

Jonathan Last, on DC Comics*:

Whether or not they understand it, DC’s corporate mission isn’t to get mainstream attention for its publicity stunts–or even to sell comic books. It’s to create characters and stories which can be mined for Warner Bros. for film. The publisher has, thus far, failed spectacularly at this task.

Pretty much, pretty much.


Moe Lane

*The actual details (DC’s introduction of a transgender character) pale in comparison to said cynicism, in fact. Which is pretty much DC’s problem, come to think of it.

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  1. The comics are a cheap way for the higher ups to do stunt casting without the massive dollar loss of a failed movie. They are able to push their progressive agenda while not effecting their bottom line.
    Comics still have a low margin, the marketing of the character is the money not the actual comic. Just like Yogurt always says ” merchandizing. Where the real money is made”

  2. So when I read this, I saw DC as the Federal Govt., and the AMerican people as the parent company.

    1. me too, though I assumed some sort of lobbyist/corporitist cabal was the “parant company.

  3. To be fair, the cartoons based on DC characters are pretty good. My son likes the Green Lantern and Young Justice series. Teen Titans was one of my favorites. Batman’s had several good cartoon series.

  4. I have to disagree with that assessment.
    It might be true for most of the major properties, but there’s some really sharp writing going on for their ensemble groups. Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Suicide Squad, and The Ravagers have consistently been very good. (There have admittedly been a couple disjointed points in the Ravagers, because their story is being whipsawed by other comics and the continuity has to match up.)

    There’s also been some darned good writing in the Batman series of comics, but since there are like 4 different Batman series ongoing, (not counting closely-intertwined ones like Batgirl) there’s also some bad and a LOT of filler.

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