So… *which* NASCAR car drivers don’t want to be associated with the NRA?

Because there’s a crucial bit missing from this report of anti-NRA shenanigans at the Texas Motor Speedway (TMS):

Sources confirmed Friday that two drivers were advised by their public relations directors not to do interviews in the TMS media center so they could avoid having the NRA logo behind them.

…which is to say, Who are they? – Because I’ll tell you this, right off the bat; there’s going to be a bunch of people keeping track of who is not going to be in the TMS media center.  And since we’re talking about potential PR problems: let’s just say that being visibly against a basic civil right, not to mention kowtowing to gun-grabbing fanatics, is not something that a NASCAR driver is going to want to have hanging around his* neck in the long term.

More details here: seriously, though, this is a huge demographic FAIL.  Which is, of course, why the drivers aren’t giving out their names.

Moe Lane

PS: Almost forgot: Sen. Chris Murphy seems to think that he could actually tell Fox to cancel coverage of the NASCAR race today and Fox would take him seriously.  Gotta love epistemic closure, huh?

*Or her.

4 thoughts on “So… *which* NASCAR car drivers don’t want to be associated with the NRA?”

  1. Looking forward to finding out who. You’d think NASCAR would be the last place to do this.

  2. Do we think it’s: 1) the 2 drivers are reluctant, 2) their sponsors are pushing the drivers on this issue, or 3) the drivers are too p-whipped to tell their sponsors where to stick it?

  3. I’d note that it just mentions the PR folks. The drivers in question might yet disregard the flacks.
    I’m watching the race, and I’m hardly a big automobile race type.

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