So. No more Skyrim DLC.

Dammit.  Not completely unexpected, of course – but I can get why some people are a little annoyed that the Civil War is only sorta-kinda resolved, and that the status of the Thalmor hasn’t been resolved.  I’m maybe a little bit annoyed myself.  Not enough to go into nerdrage or anything, but they’re still kinda leaving money on the table.

Welp, I guess that it’s time to start waiting for Witcher 3 (Dishonored isn’t grabbing me, for some reason).

8 thoughts on “So. No more Skyrim DLC.”

  1. I think they are all working on Elder Scolls Online and I don’t blame them. And they could always resolved the war in the next stand alone game.

  2. How far into Dishonored are you? I figured the writers greasing the slippery slope during the sidequests in High Overseer Campbell would have grabbed your attention.

  3. Don’t go for a pacifist run on your first attempt. There are a bunch of achievements for doing that for a reason. It’s tough to do. 😉 But I’d be happy to try and help you get that first achievement.

    Are you getting hung up on the corridor with the guards in the hallway, and in the control rooms over to the left? That’s one of the toughest spots in the escape. The trick is to make your move when the guards finish their conversation and both turn their backs on you. It’ll be a while before they synch up again. You can mantle up the pipes ahead to the right, and scamper unseen out of the area above everyone’s heads.

    1. Not even that far. I got that first guy with his back to me, and two guards talking to each other. It took forever to figure out just how to disable the first guy, and then when I try to hide him here comes the other guy, and then it got messy.

      1. So I guess the question is, can I just kill the damn guards getting out of the place without actually screwing up the ending?

        1. Yes.

          There are three endings (with some minor variations). All of them resonate well. One of them is low chaos. You probably won’t get it on the first playthrough. To my mind, it’s the weakest of the endings (but still good). There are two high chaos endings, which one of them you get won’t be decided until the final seconds of the game. You’ll most likely get the darker version first, and then load a save to get the other one.
          It isn’t obvious from the stats, but there’s a difference between moderate chaos and high chaos. You want to be in the moderate range. It effects the last mission, and only has minor impact on the ending. (Don’t worry too much about it. If you try to avoid gratuitous fights, you should be fine.)
          Unless you get the “strong arms” bone charm, it’s a lot faster and less risk to backstab rather than strangle. Since bone charms are randomized, don’t plan on getting it.
          But in that first bit, hit him as soon as the other two turn their backs. It’s good if you can grab the guy before he falls and immediately retreat to hide him in your cell. (Speaking of your cell, check out the graffiti. It’s pretty much the game’s theme made explicit.) Then repeat with the next guy. And the next. If you can avoid the alarm sounding for that, you’ll be able to grab a pistol, and meet future guards on an equal footing.

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