Tweet of the day, Not Just No edition.

Hell, no.

Jeebus, but these people have far too much free time on their hands. Also, poop.

Moe Lane

PS: Click the link, at least this one time. The Madness refuses to STOP. Even the author thinks that these people are smoking crack.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the day, Not Just No edition.”

  1. The girl’s sister is brighter than her Mom. Make sure the bowls can Never get to the kitchen. Intelligence IS declining in humans.

  2. Hey, they’re New York Times hipsters. The next trendy thing probably will be even dumber and more disgusting.

  3. The world is coming unglued Moe and I, for one, no longer care.
    You should just go mad yourself. I came unglued in mid-December and I have found the experience rather liberating.

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