I am probably about six months to a year behind on that trend, but what the heck. Sometimes it’s just for me.



SeeĀ here for background.

3 thoughts on “U MAD BRO?”

  1. I assume when I make the trek out to Ocean City this summer there will still be plenty of “U Mad Bro” and “Come at Me Bro” t-shirts available in the novelty shops along the boardwalk.

  2. 90% of 4% of the populace considers gun control as important. That’s not a majority, it’s not even close. As with many things nowadays it’s an urban versus suburban-rural disagreement. In the end people care more about finding a job than gun control if the left could have come up with some plan to provide jobs while doing gun control they might’ve had a chance, they didn’t even try. Do they want some cheese with that whine.

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