The question immigration hard-liners should be asking in the near future.

And I’m gonna give them this one for free, largely because I’m quite keen to hear the answer myself:  Why is it that we have a legal immigration system that favors Chechen terrorists over Mexican dishwashers?

That’s it.  But it’s a doozy of a question, no?

Moe Lane

PS: If Buzzfeed is correct – big if – then the bombers were registered to vote in Massachusetts.  But, hey, there’s no voter fraud in this country.

11 thoughts on “The question immigration hard-liners should be asking in the near future.”

  1. You know Moe, I think I’d like to hear the answer to that question and I’d bet Jorge Ramos would like to hear it as well.

  2. I’m no hardliner myself, but it seems a tad un-serious to be suggesting that no Americans have ever been killed by an illegal immigrant (or raped or robbed etc)

    1. That’s a different subject; what I want to know is why these people got green cards while infinitely more deserving people didn’t.

  3. How do you define “hardliner”, here, Moe? See, I like most of the Mexicans I’ve met. They are generally speaking earnest, honest, hard-working folks willing to do tough jobs for….marginal (shall we say?)… compensation to earn a better life for themselves and their families. Those qualities are a credit to America (much more than most American young adults I know, who just want a free ride). But illegal immigrants are still breaking the law, and selective enforcement undermines the entire concept of law, rendering it a mere suggestion.
    Marco Rubio was on Rush yesterday discussing his immigration proposal, and while his plan is somewhat softer than I would prefer, it is probably also more realistic. But I’m sure there are people to whom his positions are “hardline”…..

    1. There is a difference between breaking the Law, and running afoul of regulation. It takes upwards of twenty years and tens of thousands of dollars to get pass the INS/ICE/Whatever. The Democrats passed Kennedy’s vile, racist quota system, let them enforce it. And, alas, as our President has been happy to point out, selective enforcement of the laws has been a fact since the Founding…….

      1. I’m all for fixing the system that makes it so hard for good folks to come here….

        1. All for it myself. Until then, the Democrats have played the Civil Disobedience game for years, to keep people in chains. Let us do the same, but to help people be free……

  4. People coming from areas of conflict tend to have support of church groups (that often get funding from govt.) to get these people brought into US and settled. Often they do not move out of the area where they settled.

    I know at my parents church they are bending over backwards to help a group from Burma. They are having issues assimilating. The culture is very different in how you treat male children (not allowed to discipline them). It is a problem. There have also been legal issues. I am not aware that their church gets funding from govt., but I have heard of it for some Catholic charities.

    I know it sounds very tin foil hat, but there is some thing to it. The interesting things is many of this immigrants will stay exactly where they’ve been brought (they tend not to move). In some cases they become hooked on govt. benefits and are extra votes for the democrat party.

    I am not against helping people who have had a hard time, but I am against doing it in a way where they never assimilate or become independent.

  5. We don’t. On any given year, there are about 8x more legal immigrants arriving from Mexico than from the entire former USSR combined.

    To note the obvious, these wastes of human flesh were not terrorists when they immigrated. Few five-year-olds are. They chose not to assimilate, to radicalize, and to engage in senseless mass murder.

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