Tweet of the day, Oh, Yeah: #NPR Can Kiss My Blindingly-White Irish Tuchus edition.

For stuff like this, of course.

Speaking as a moderately anti-government (read: “unremarkably American”) and right-wing (read: “thoroughly mainstream”) individual: I had no real idea that April was a month involving Columbine, Hitler, Waco, and Oklahoma City. I associate this month with Easter, cherry blossoms and T.S. Eliot. And oh, right, tax deadline, but we always have ours in ahead of time anyway. At any rate: hey, way to stereotype there, NPR. And you wonder why half the country doesn’t want to subsidize your programming…

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  • earlgrey says:

    It is also top month for suicides.. Self Destructive vs. destructive behavior?????? The only one that, while I don’t agree, could be considered right wing was Timothy McVeigh–OKC. I mean people can make that argument more easily with him because of military background and akin color and low info voters would probably buy it.

    Stuff like this just makes me want to hurl when people smugly brag about listening to NPR.

    • acat says:

      As antidepressant manufacturers found out, depressives don’t often kill themselves at the bottom of their funk, that would take too much effort.
      No, the risky time for a depressive is when they start feeling a little better .. so they can make a little effort .. but everything ahead still looks bleak.
      I suspect the same thing is true of undiagnosed seasonal affective disorder sufferers .. and this happens to be the point where they … go off.
      Yes, this is nothing more than pop psych, so you can dismiss it if you like, but .. I think there’s something to it.

  • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

    Yep, April 20th is when the stoners celebrate Hitler’s birthday.
    McVeigh apparently intended it as a reference to Waco. I also recall seeing a column somebody ran, I think from him, objecting to war with Saddam.
    On the positive side of things, April 30th is the anniversary of the Battle of Cameron. That, I think, is a story for the ages.

    • LiberExMachina says:

      Learn something new everyday.

      That makes a (perverse) kind of sense. Stoners have so much in common with Hitler: they both like pretty colors (Hitler was a painter, you know, government oversight, killing innocents, vegetarianism. Though Hitler was against smoking, so celebrating his birthday by lighting up a “doobie” (is that how they say it?) is a little insulting…

  • Finrod says:

    But April 22 is Earth Day, so why can’t we just blame this all on the hippies?

  • earlgrey says:

    Interesting article on the subject. Basically saying Right Wing is applied so broadly that when these idiots speculate they are basically saying any one of us (conservatives) could have done it.


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