QotD, Yes, You Really Should Be Reading The Skin Horse Webcomic Already* edition.

Shaenon Garrity, talking about her contributions to her artists’ collective’s recent anthology (called SPIRITS) that I just bought and you should, too:

In addition to the Narbonic[**] story, I also did a feature where I illustrated selections from my personal wine log.  It’s super classy, or would be if my wine log wasn’t written in Sharpie while I was drunk.  You can order SPIRITS now at the Couscous Store.

I find this entertaining because it never would have occurred to me that wine logs would be written when sober.  I mean, doesn’t that mean that you’re doing it wrong?

Moe Lane

*Because it is well worth it.  How can you not appreciate something like this or this?  Or especially this.

**Narbonic: a now-completed webcomic. Theme: Mad Science meets True Love. Mutations ensue.

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