Dear God, I’ve been impressing people by telling them that it was going to be twelve.

The result is a board game that is almost stupidly ambitious, being sold at well below market value. The numbers are hard to wrap your head around.

“The final box will be 24” × 20” × 5.75” and will weigh 24 pounds. It will have five huge maps and more than 1,000 counters, many of them 3-D constructible Ogres and buildings. It will probably never be equaled in sheer size and awesomeness,” Jackson said.

Each box will be shipped in its own carton, Jackson told [PA Report’s Ben Kuchera] almost a year ago. Retailers were worried about it fitting on their shelves at all, so they had to trim it down somewhat. Think about that for a bit; the dimensions listed above are for a smaller box than they had planned.

Go ahead and read the whole thing (it’s got some good thoughts about the problems with insanely-successful Kickstarters): I’m just going to be basking in the thought that I – thanks to reader generosity, mind you – get to actually have one of these things.  From the start.  For once.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “TWENTY-FOUR pounds of OGRE.”

  1. I have about that much Gangs of Necromunda stuff form the Warhammer Universe. Probably weighs more counting all the books. All things considered I preferred the Prestags stuff at least it’s a lot lighter. Traveller was also pretty good when it came to weight.

  2. Can hardly wait for mine.
    I’d been anticipating it for a couple of years, and it just kept getting better. Then the Kickstarter hit.
    Sorry, going to go SQUEEE now.
    Catseyes, we’re talking about a board game. Sure, it can’t compare in weight to my shelf o’ GURPS, or my Warhammer army.

  3. Trying to stay patient myself, its only 5 months late so far, much bigger project than planned. Contemplating which bonus packs to buy. Also stangely impressed that SJ Games is still privately owned by Steve Jackson himself. His stakeholder letter last week was different, not something you would expect from a corporation.

  4. From the most recent update:

    Box size: 24 by 20 by 5.8 inches
    Box weight: 25.2 pounds
    Maps laid out: 31 square feet
    Maps laid out end-to-end: 13.8 feet long
    Counter sheets laid out unpunched: 29.9 square feet
    No. of 2-D counters: 1,100
    No. of 3-D counters: 104
    Total no. of counters: 1,204


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