If you haven’t read this Keith Hennessey piece…

…(“George W. Bush is smarter than you.”) do so.  If only to get an idea about why so many Lefty pundits were in full puppy-kicking mode over the last few days.  It’s not that they secretly suspect that Hennessey may be right; it’s not that the public opinion polls keep on creeping up for GWB, the way that polls tend to do for ex-Presidents not named Richard Nixon; it’s not even that far too many Democrats/liberals/progressives made the fatal flaw of defining themselves as being what George W Bush was not, and thus are now incapable of seeing an attack on their vision of Bush as being an attack upon themselves.

Well, it’s all of those things, but it’s also because some of them are starting to realize Hey, it never got any better than Election Night 2008, huh?  Ah, the hangover of hate*: it’s a killer.  I HOPE THAT WE’RE NOT BEING TOO LOUD, GUYS

Moe Lane

*See, this is why I avoid hating Barack Obama (well, that and the fact that you can’t hate without also fearing, and I don’t like being afraid): simply despising the man does the same job, without any of the associated psychic poisons.  Plus, it’ll handily keep me from going pettily ballistic eight or so years from now when Obama opens his Presidential library.  I mean, seriously: once Barack Obama’s on that chopper in 2017, I will be in full out of sight, out of mind, go enjoy Maui, Barry mode…

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