*IS* Syria using WMDs on its own people?

You know. Just like Saddam Hussein did.

Although this may come as a surprise to some.  Secretary of Defense (God help us) Chuck Hagel, yesterday.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Wednesday cast doubt on an Israeli general’s conclusion that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its own citizens.

Chuck Hagel, today.

That latter bit seems to be backed up by John McCain: i.e., somebody who actually has some credibility on natsec issues:

Although that last bit may be news to White House staff:


…so. Now what, Mr. President?

5 thoughts on “*IS* Syria using WMDs on its own people?”

  1. Somebody, maybe everybody is using chemical weapons in Syria. That is no reason to arm those who have promised to kill us whenever they get an opportunity.

  2. Both sides in the war are our enemies. I’m all in favor of them slaughtering each other.
    It dragging on intensifies a blood feud between our enemies.
    Carry on. Unless it’s undermining the proxy war aspect by actually doing something about Iran, I’m fairly comforatble with this status quo.

    1. And I hear that Hezbollah may be the first to fall in the fighting. That will help Lebanon.

      Who’s next?

  3. That stuff is purely for medical use. See, it has therapeutic value in treating conditions like ‘being an Alawite’. My good friend, President Barack Obama, would never interfere in such humanitarian activities. No one who has ever been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize would even dream of it.

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