My nerdcore morning.

So there I am, dropping off the eldest at school. Walking back, it hits me: Mass Effect N7 Hoodie. NASA T-shirt.  Black jeans with the cuffs rolled up because, hey, who takes jeans to a tailor’s*? White sneaks.  Lindsey Stirling on the iPod.  No wonder I get the occasional dirty look from the other parents; I am visibly so totally not going to the office after I finish walking my kids to school.

And now I have to go clean the house and mop the floors.  Because that’s part of the gig, too.

Moe Lane

*OK, thanks, Bob wants everybody to know that he takes his jeans to the tailor’s.  Yes, Bob, we appreciate your input.  No, Bob, we agree that there’s nothing wrong with wanting casual clothes to fit properly.

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