“Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” trailer.

I dunno.  This MIGHT not suck:


I have a weird track record when I have that reaction to a trailer, by the way.  I may or may not be smoking crack in my reaction.  There’s certainly the possibility of there being a good movie in there, somewhere: but there’s just as much a possibility of there instead being a festering pile of ordure.

Yes, tonight you get the obscure vocabulary words.  Feel honored…

4 thoughts on ““Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” trailer.”

  1. What? Putrescent didn’t make the cut, and you call yourself a Lovecraft fan. I would have thought a “steaming pile of festering putrescent ordure” would be better/worse.

  2. It may be just me, but I didn’t see any particularly obscure vocabulary words there…
    …but then, I’m notoriously weird…

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