Peggy Noonan enjoys the Turning Of The Wheel.

To quote Megaforce*: It All Comes Around.

Yeah, I know, but Peggy Noonan’s not bad when she’s being nostalgic, and she has a point here:

Coverage of the opening of [George W. Bush’s] presidential library Thursday was wall to wall on cable, and a feeling of affection for him was encouraged, or at least enabled, by the Washington press corps, which doesn’t much like Mr. Obama because he’s not all that likable, and remembers Mr. Bush with a kind of reluctant fondness because he was.

But to the point. Mr. Obama was elected because he wasn’t Bush.

Mr. Bush is popular now because he’s not Obama.

The wheel turns, doesn’t it?

Bush-bashing has become a bit of a litmus test at this point: the professionals have largely moved past it.  It’s the jumped-up amateurs and temps that can’t give it up, even for the sake of their putative careers…

Moe Lane

PS: There is a lesson here, for folks on our own side of the aisle.  Barack Obama will inevitably leave office; the trick is to make sure that he leaves people’s head-space.  Do you really want to be the Righty equivalent of somebody who can’t let go of their Bush-hatred?  Or, worse, the people who still hate and despise Sarah Palin?

*I refuse to apologize for my childhood.  I don’t care how many Razzies it was nominated for: I liked it.  Besides, this is a pretty good “No sh*t, there I was” story from one of the USAF personnel that got sucked into the film; the studio apparently treated the troops just fine.

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  1. I consider Megaforce to be one of the worst movies ever made. And I LOVE IT for that.I have the DVD and share it with all my friends.

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