“The Bureau: X-COM Declassified” trailer.

Looks interesting.  Then again, so does the – original? – game, and I haven’t picked THAT up yet.

6 thoughts on ““The Bureau: X-COM Declassified” trailer.”

  1. Given the troubled development history, if this is NOT a train wreck it will be surprising. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, on the other hand, is *tremendous* but what else would one expect of a turn based game from the makers of CIV 5?

  2. Im a HUGE fan of the classic x-com games, not tried the new one yet. But, I hear good things.

    1. At GDC Adam Sessler did an interview with the original XCOM designer, and the lead dev on the new game, and they really gushed about each other and both games. For me, it captures the spirit of the old game but with some new twists and a very pretty coat of paint.

    1. That was precisely the first thing I thought about one minute into the trailer. That they didn’t include any by the end of three minutes wasn’t reassuring.

      If this was a trailer for a movie, then we might be talking.

  3. Yeah, the only thing this has in common with X-Com Enemy Unknown is that the success of that game made this one possible. Different developers, remake of a different game. Troubled development history related to an attempt to remake the original version of this as a 3rd person instead of 1st person shooter.

    I’m NOT interested in this, and I LOVE Enemy Unknown and say it’s a must-play game any my choice for GoY 2012.

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