Colorado gearing up to *jack* up cost of recreational marijuana? (and added evil question)

Oh, wow, man, total bummer:

A draft bill floating around the Capitol late this week suggests that a new ballot question on pot taxes should repeal recreational pot in the state constitution if voters don’t approve 15 percent excise taxes on retail pot and a new 15 percent marijuana sales tax. Those would be in addition to regular state and local sales taxes.

Bolding mine.  But, hey, that reminds me: if you can buy pot legally in Colorado, will that mean that companies can advertise it on Amazon.com?  As you can see here, Amazon already does third-party site advertising for booze; and, hey, the stuff is in fact legal in Colorado now.  Man, that’s going to give the US Postal Service fits…


  • acat says:

    If it moves, tax it.
    How far away are USDA grants to prop up struggling weed farmers?

  • Cameron says:

    I fail to understand why folks are surprised at this. Every liberal who has ever talked to me about the joys of legalized marijuana was quick to point out how the government could tax it.

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