Mental note to self: at some time in 2017…

…or 2018, Barack Obama’s college transcripts will be quietly leaked.  When that occurs, I need to remember to absolutely be a grudge-holding partisan hack and mock his former supporters for buying into that particular facet of the hype.

One thought on “Mental note to self: at some time in 2017…”

  1. Won’t be enough. By then, they’ll simply not speak about him at all anymore (” . . . you just don’t want to talk about your party’s hatred of vaginas!!”), or it’ll seem like post-WW2 France where all of its citizens swore they were in The Resistance for the entire war. (“Obama? Huh. Never really trusted the guy myself . . .”)

    No, if you’re serious, you need to start writing down names and expressed positions now, and telling them – now – that you will be rubbing it in their faces and that they should remember this conversation for when it happens.

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