Raztenfracken grumble grumble WHERE COFFEE.

So I go to bed early, sober as hell (kids either make you start drinking, or force you to stop; I’m apparently the latter, dagnabbit), and it feels like I was up until 3 AM drinking tequila shots with a third-rate cover band in a Jersey Shore dive bar.


I miss that bar.

Anyway, COFFEE NOW oh, crud, I’m the one who makes it.

Moe Lane

PS: Nah, I’m not sick (in either the stomach or the got-the-flu sense).  I’m just a middle-aged fart trying to burn off some stress poisons.

6 thoughts on “Raztenfracken grumble grumble WHERE COFFEE.”

    1. If I head that kind of money to spend on a coffee maker, I’d buy a new iPad and let my kids take this one over (there’s an impressive amount of educational stuff for it).

      1. Fair point. Miele units aren’t cheap, but the convenience of “take cup from cabinet, place under nozzle, press button” is within my abilities pre-coffee… and much less wasteful than brewing a whole pot when I’m up on an overnight work-project.

    2. WOW. Not for me but very impressive.

      I’ll stick to grinding my beans in advance (hey, beans ground at home, no matter how long ago, beats grocery store coffee by a mile) and using the timer on the coffee pot. Nothing like walking downstairs to the smell of brewing coffee.

  1. And how is it that the kids wake up with a bundle of energy? I can barely focus on the coffee machine and my son wants to pull out xwing miniatures game.

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