“Leviathan Warships.”

This has an impressive trailer:

And the game is, in fact, out today.

Somebody let me know how it plays.

2 thoughts on ““Leviathan Warships.””

  1. Part 2 also quite funny, just remember that pun for pun is your best comical value.
    Just not sure I want to spend $10 on an ipad game, spoiled after all these years of playing free to couple dollar games

  2. Nicely produced ad from Paradox. I was planning on buying this anyway, though. Paradox produces the only games that I purchase anymore since the Mass Effect series ended (when Marauder Shields killed Shepard dead forever and Tali’s photo was a photoshop (yes I’m still bitter)).

    Hopefully I can scrounge up enough loose change to purchase this when it goes on discount.

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