Tweet of the Day, When They Say “With All Due Respect…” edition…

…you know that they never, ever actually mean it:

Oh, Lindsey. Why could you not use your powers for good? As in, reliably?

And, let’s face it: we can talk about differing circumstances all we like, but there simply have been more successful jihadi assaults made against us, lately. Never underestimate the value of your opponent knowing that you are comfortable with smashing a fly with a sledgehammer; if for no other reasons than it makes all the other flies thoughtful.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, When They Say “With All Due Respect…” edition…”

  1. I have been recently educated by my Southern wife as to the proper use of “bless his/her heart”. It may have been appropriate here.

  2. I see Linsey is running for re-election.
    Well .. given the caliber of most South Carolina GOPers .. he may be better than the rest. (spits in Sanford’s general direction…)

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