A friend might help you move…

…and a good friend might help you move a body; but a smart friend CALLS THE FREAKING FBI when asked to dispose of pyrotechnics right after a terrorist bombing.  Details from today’s arrest of three more individuals with regard to last week’s attack against the Boston Marathon.

— A federal law enforcement official told CNN on Wednesday that the charges against two of the individuals taken into custody involve allegedly lying to officials, because when first questioned by the FBI they lied about not seeing the suspects and not knowing their whereabouts after the attack.

— The federal law enforcement source said the charge of conspiring to obstruct justice relates to their moving things from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room and throwing them into a dumpster. The source said the objects disposed of included fireworks inside backpacks. The trash bin subsequently was taken to a nearby landfill. Authorities carried out a two-day search of the landfill in New Bedford late last week.

Failing that, a not-irredeemably-stupid friend takes Hot Air’s advice and not lie to the Feds about the backpacks.

Moe Lane

PS: …No, stupidity shouldn’t be a capital crime.  For one thing, who gets to define ‘stupidity?’  But these students have gotten themselves into a heap of trouble, and they frankly deserve it.

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