Looks like UKIP is having a good election cycle…

over in the UK. Gaining 76 seats so far in British council elections, and I’m not going to even remotely pretend that I know more than the Wikipedia article on the subject.  I do know that local government in England is as complex as all get-out; that the Conservatives got their butts kicked last night; that Labour clawed back some ground yesterday, while the Liberal Democrats did not; and that this will all have an effect on the next set of British Parliamentary elections.  I also know that, if you want to play in a national legislature, you absolutely have to start winning elections on the local and state/provincial level, first: that’s where you draw from to get your national candidates.  So UKIP is definitely now on the board.

I think.

2 thoughts on “Looks like UKIP is having a good election cycle…”

  1. David Cameron is basically a waste of a conservative MP. He has a split government with Nick Clegg and the Liberal-Democrats, and he would likely not be any better with a full conservative government. The key is that he has wrung every squish vote out that he could possibly get, so now where does he take the party? When EVERY squish “conservative” has already voted for you, and all you get is a tie, then there is no path forward.

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