…Since when do police LIEUTENANTS need to be union?

Yeah, I think that maybe we don’t need this much unionization.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales has taken the unprecedented step of trying to break up the city’s police commanding officers’ union.

“Managers should be clear they are managers,” Hales said Thursday. “It just doesn’t make sense to have people who are in management positions be in a union.”

Of course, you’d expect that attitude from me; after all, my dad was union, and he would have said the same thing.  Workers are workers. Management is management.  You need that clear line of division between the two if you ever expect to get a fair deal.  You lack that division, your deals can appear tainted.  And over the long term, tainted union deals are generally more trouble than they’re worth.

Moe Lane

(Via @laborunionrpt)