“Ender’s Game” teaser trailer.

They got Harrison Ford to play Col. Graff and Ben Kingsley to play Mazer Rackham.

I generally avoid fanboy enthusiasms. I will continue to avoid fanboy enthusiasms about this movie… in public.

7 thoughts on ““Ender’s Game” teaser trailer.”

  1. I read the orignal novella when it came out in Analog (mumblety-mumble) years ago and was very impressed…haven’t read the (seemingly endless) novelizations…how are they?

    1. Ender’s Game itself is one of the best novels I’ve ever read. The sequels are… readable. I never threw any of them across the room, but I rolled my eyes a lot.

  2. I stopped after the second one. Xenocide was it? The one where space midgets were killing people and planting trees in their corpses…

  3. I, by way of contrast, have no compunctions about fanboy enthusiasms, and I CAN’T WAIT.

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