Just saw the first episode of the British House of Cards…

…is the American version going to measure up?  It’s already a foregone conclusion that I’m going to watch the rest of the British one.


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    That’s a good question. I have not seen the American version, and while I’ve heard a lot of people gushing over it, I’ve also heard that the motivations of the two main characters vary significantly – the American version is more selfish, the British more in service of his ideals.

    • Brian Swisher says:

      I didn’t see “House of Cards”, but I did see the two subsequent ones, and it seemed to me that Urquhart was pretty much manifesting “the purpose of power is power”…
      “Put a bit of stick about” indeed…

    • vanderleun says:

      No ideals operating in the Brit version. None whatsoever

  • vanderleun says:

    I’ve seen both and, without spoilers, all I can say is “The same thing, only different.”

  • jbird says:

    6 episodes into the American House of Cards. I’m enjoying it.

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