…The new PRC Propaganda Ministry building currently looks like a penis from the side, OK?

There.  THAT should get this site banned in the People’s Republic of China.  It’s been a dream of mine since, like, forever:

The People’s Daily is the main state-owned newspaper of China’s communist party, and everyone was pretty psyched about the paper’s new Beijing headquarters. The building is massive, imposing, and, uh, currently shaped like a colossal penis. Now, as construction workers try to finish the engineering, the country’s censors are working overtime to stop Chinese people on social media from laughing at the expense of the very paper in charge of controlling the country’s message. According to The International Business Times, the nearly 500-foot tower won’t be finished until this time next year, but the war on mocking it has already begun.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: …You want a picture, don’t you.  Jaded, the lot of you. Here:




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