In the mail: The Armitage Files.

It’s a campaign book, more or less, for Trail of Cthulhu (which is, of course, a game of 1930s-era Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying): I’ve wanted it for my collection for some time.  As always, I’d like to thank my readers for buying it for me: I’m not exactly sure why I get to have my completely frivolous hobbies partially subsidized, but it’s greatly appreciated.


  • Wombat-socho says:

    Are these worth having? As in, are they an improvement over the old Call of Cthulhu rules?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Robin Laws and Ken Hite are deep in this system and setting; the rules use GUMSHOE, so they’re optimized for detective work and the various scenarios have been generally well-done. I’m steadily buying this stuff up. 🙂

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