“Complicated, but all bad.”

There’s just something so… anticipatory… about hearing that a state senator was wearing a wire.  Welcome to New York!

Almost a quarter of the state Senate’s Democratic conference was in the FBI’s cross hairs last year, according to a court filing unsealed Wednesday.

Last summer, federal investigators asked state Sen. Shirley Huntley to invite six Democratic colleagues to her Queens home and record their conversations. According to a sentencing memo written by Huntley’s lawyer, the former lawmaker told prosecutors — who had charged her with siphoning money from a nonprofit group for which she secured state money — that she “had knowledge of what she believed to be corruption involving [nine] public officials.”

Huntley, a grandmother and former PTA leader, taped them all.

More here and here.  The quote, by the way, is from Governor Andrew Cuomo, who must be secretly relieved that he’s in a state where the legislature makes his particular peccadilloes look tame*.  Better and better: the authorities are saying that one of the nine people Huntley wore a wire for is in the clear.  The other eight? …Well, the feds have already indicted two; guess we’ll see, huh?

Moe Lane

*I mean, having a live-in girlfriend?  Tacky, sure, but it’s not actually illegal.


  • zamoose says:

    Nuh uh. No way, sport, are you letting Cuomo and Sandra Lee off the hook for this monstrosity. In Mike Bloomberg’s NYC, stuff like that ought to be illegal.

  • acat says:

    So we’re up to the “tell the rats who wore the wire and see which way they run” phase…
    Yeah.. this is where the eight – and they know who they are even if we don’t – will be looking to cut a deal.

    • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

      Back in the day when the US Attorney for New York was Rudy G. the other 8 wouldn’t know what happened until they were doing 5-10 in Rikers.

  • Pfbatt says:

    The live in girlfriend is respectly referred to as
    The First Concubine

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