So, yeah, the RNC had a #benghazi ad, all ready to go.

So, apparently this ad was ready to go last year, but didn’t run it because of the Mitt Romney campaign.

Free advice to the RNC. Don’t ever make a weapon like that again, only to hide it because the nominee got cold feet. LEAK IT, YOU FOOLS.

Moe Lane

P.S. Aaron Gardner argues on Twitter that  ABC put this up in order to hit the RNC/Romney one last time, and not because of, you know, dead Americans.  I am not quite that cynical on that particular subject, but I can see it from here.

5 thoughts on “So, yeah, the RNC had a #benghazi ad, all ready to go.”

  1. That was a pretty good ad…bet Perry, the guy I voted for, would have run it.

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