QotD, Terry McAuliffe May Not Be Working Out For The Virginia Democratic Party edition.

The Daily Beast, almost spluttering at the indignity:

[Terry] McAuliffe is one of those guys who blathers on—typically with the aim of reminding you how important and successful he is—with no sense of how he sounds to normal people. This month the chattering class has delighted in rehashing passages from McAuliffe’s 2008 autobiography, What a Party!, in which the Macker boasts at length about what an asshole he was on the occasions of his children’s births. (In one instance he skipped out on the delivery to attend a party for then–Washington Post gossip columnist and current Daily Beast editor-at-large Lloyd Grove; in another, he stopped en route to the hospital to work a fundraiser while his wife labored on in the car; in a third, he picked a political fight with his wife’s anesthesiologist.)

To add to the problem: while I know that it’s fashionable to paint Ken Cuccinelli as being too fringe to be Governor of Virginia, the fact of the matter is that he’s not particularly different from the guy who ran for, and won, the Attorney General’s race four years ago.  And neither the Marist nor the WaPo poll show that Ken is unpopular in Virginia (which is unsurprising: both polls show Cuccinelli ahead with likely voters, although the Marist shows McAuliffe ahead with registered).  Sure, the Washington Post will eventually chime in to go after Ken Cuccinelli: but then, did that help Creigh Deeds?

(Spoiler warning: no, it didn’t.)

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: According to the Daily Beast article, McAuliffe’s team is telling Larry Sabato that they plan to overcome their candidate’s image problem by a targeted GOTV program that emulates Obama’s.  I would have loved to see Larry’s face when he heard that bit of news.  If McAuliffe was planning to duplicate Obama’s efforts in that regard, he really should have started, oh, ten months ago…

PPS: If McAuliffe had started ten months ago and it had worked then the above Daily Beast quote would not exist.

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  1. I have to admit to being surprised that the Democrats actually nominated McAuliffe. When I heard that he was tossing his hat into the ring, I laughed because, well, you know. Then I remembered Stuart Smalley is a U.S. Senator and it stopped being funny. I hope that my state hasn’t drifted far enough to elect this assclown, but the last two presidential elections haven’t done anything to make me optimistic.

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