Pew polling results: American public thinks Barack Obama MEANS well…

…they’re just increasingly thinking that maybe he’s not capable of getting the job done.


From 77% to 56% for “A strong leader;” and from 70% to 49% for “Able to get things done.”  But Obama’s still in there swinging! …Bless his heart.

Seriously, this is kind of damning.  Although not as damning as it will be in two years, when the guy’s in FULL lame-duck mode and his staff discovers that the media will be in full 2016 election mode.  I’m hoping for Full Metal Petulance, myself.


  • acat says:

    We’ve already started seeing, I think, the “nation is ungovernable” myth popping up.. excusing Obama’s failure.
    I seem to recall hearing something similar under Carter, and maybe a bit under Clinton as well.
    “It’s too hard! They’re doing their best!”. Politics ain’t little league.

  • jbird says:

    how did he get re-elected?!? grr.

  • benning says:

    Means well? Pffft! That’s on a par with, “Americans like Obama, even if he isn’t a very good President.”

    Well, I don’t! Like him, that is! I don’t think he means well, and I don’t think ‘Chelle is attractive! So there! >:P

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