Was the West, Texas fertilizer explosion… arson? Domestic terrorism? Don’t know the right term, sorry.

Via Rare comes a report that police have arrested one of the first responders to last month’s fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

More details here, but I want to offer a serious caution: there is even less information than usual right now about the arrest, whether it is justified, or even whether it’s germane to the original explosion.  What we know is that a guy was arrested, and that the charge is “possession of a destructive device” (reportedly a pipe bomb).  Obviously, IF this story checks out then it changes pretty much everything that we knew about the incident… and, bluntly: a bunch of people who wanted to use this to score partisan points are going to have to apologize to both the State of Texas and Governor Rick Perry.  Personally.  I note this not to be a jerk, but… actually, no, I note this pretty much just to be a jerk.

Neener, neener.

Moe Lane



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