Hmm. According to, @barackobama is a male chauvinist pig.

Yes, I am a horrible, horrible human being.  Still, check for yourself.


“Oops, this user really has a tilted balance between the retweeted sexes… Find some more female tweeters to follow and repent!”

Tsk, tsk, Mr. President.  How dreadfully shameful of you.  Not to mention, not very enlightened.

Moe Lane

PS: They gave me a 3.2 score, complete with a ‘Hrmpf.’  I can’t imagine why: after all, I did better than Barack Obama.

5 thoughts on “Hmm. According to, @barackobama is a male chauvinist pig.”

  1. A good friend of mine, who is sadly VERY liberal, and about as feminist as you can get, got a 1.8.

  2. “I did better than Barack Obama.”

    Setting the bar *really* high there Moe….

  3. Yikes. I am a woman and only logged a 3.8. One thing that is interesting about these stats is that don’t dems have in general a pretty big advantage in women over men? (yes I am trying to excuse myself), but if the dem party is really the party for women and it certainly seems like a majority of women agree with that, than why such a low score on retweets from dems.

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