“It’s time Ed Markey got a REAL job.”

I find this NRSC ad to be highly entertaining and symbolic of the problems that come from tapping a safe-district (for decades) Congressman for a statewide seat:

Short version: Ed Markey wrote a metric buttload of bad checks on a Congressional bank back in 1992*.  Markey got away with it at the time – the aforementioned safe district – but now, well, he’s running for Senate, and so he pretty much has to finally explain why he did such a thing in the first place.  Well, we already know why – all the other Democrats were doing it – but Markey’s gotta come up with an excuse, anyway.  You know.  Just for the look of the thing.

Moe Lane

PS: Gabriel Gomez for SenateHe didn’t write bad checks covered by your tax money.

*Please, Democrats.  By all means, try to explain that away.