Jon Stewart, meet IRS-derived meltdown. Meltdown, Jon Stewart.

This particular event surpasses even Stewart’s hysterical reaction to Scott Brown winning the MA-SEN special election.

Now never mind for a moment that Stewart has a somewhat, ah, slanted opinion about Benghazi; also put to one side for the moment his obligatory smacks at the right wing. The point is this: Barry, you are [expletive deleted]. Jon Stewart ain’t going to carry the President’s water on this one – which means that it’s REALLY bad – so Barack Obama might as well start to process of determining who to fire. I think that it’s going to take at least a Cabinet member being burned to cauterize this one…

8 thoughts on “Jon Stewart, meet IRS-derived meltdown. Meltdown, Jon Stewart.”

  1. I could watch it all day long. Love the part with Ted Cruz in there. Of course I agree with Cruz. Stewart may think we’re nut jobs for believing it, but at least I can say that I wasn’t the least bit surprised by the IRS scandal and frankly didn’t expect it to get covered much.

        1. I believe it will happen. At some point, liberalism will be more important than Obama, and when that happens the cries of racism will be loud and clear.

          Alternatively they could choose to portray him as a victim of bad staff, but that makes him look like a spectator in the executive branch which isn’t a flattering picture either.

        2. Agree in principle .. there were people who defended both Nixon and Carter well past the point a rational mind would say “He screwed up”.
          Pragmatically, if the media hope to have any influence in 2014 and 2016, they cannot continue to defend the indefensible.
          The cracks are spreading… not all of the media shield will burn off, but we will see burn-thru at some point.

          1. They won’t defend it. Just repeat “does not rise to the level of ______ .” That should do it!

        3. Exactly. Hillary still believes the blue stain was a right wing conspiracy.

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