It’s true, it’s true: anti-frackers DO sound just like the chemtrail people, these days.

Saw that in a comment to this piece, which is a politely horrified reaction to anti-fracking agitprop trying to convince Manhattan hipsters that FRACKED GAS!!!!! is about to blow up Greenwich Village. Oh, and RADON RADON RADON.  The poor guy writing said horrified reaction then attempted to point out the obvious flaws in said agitprop… and, of course, got screamed at in comments by various sectarian fanatics*.


Look, I honestly don’t mind people allowing their religious sensibilities to inform their policy positions, but I must insist that radical environmentalists stop pretending that their frankly unsophisticated, if not actually cartoonish, belief structure is some sort of hyper-scientific Absolute Truth.  Or if they can’t do that, then they can at least stop trying to make the rest of us go along with the joke.

Moe Lane

PS: I wait, with no little trepidation, for the day that somebody goes out in public and blames natural gas fracking on the International Zionist Conspiracy.

*To be fair: there were sane people in the comments there, too.  Hence the post, in fact.


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