It has been a long day in a long week in what is already a long month…

…and  I’m not even on the side that’s getting beaten with sticks, for a change.

I will say this: there seems to be one hell of a disconnect between the inside-the-Beltway left-punditry and the rest of the country right now.  The former seem to be determinedly telling themselves that everything is about to blow over… in a milieu where NFL players are now feeling comfortable with Instagramming pictures of themselves urinating on IRS signs.

Or fake-urinating. The point is… you’d think that the Other Side would be realizing that they’re just telling each other stories, at this point. Then again, you’d think that I would have figured that out myself in 2006, 2008, & 2012 – so what do I know?

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “It has been a long day in a long week in what is already a long month…”

  1. It has been a long week, in many ways…and now I’m off to to the Civil War thing for the first time this season (you wouldn’t think Oregon has a Civil War re-enacting community, but it does…I’ll catch you on the flip side Monday morning…respectfully, yr obdt servant.

  2. The hell of it is, it may indeed all blow over. I have zero faith in accountability in Washington D.C.

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